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Pobncid and cimtidin incas th AUC o aciclovi by this mchanism, and duc aciclovi nal claanc. Similaly incass in plasma AUCs o aciclovi and o th inactiv mtabolit o mycophnolat motil, an immunosuppsant agnt usd in tansplant patints hav bn shown whn th dugs a co administd. Howv no dosag adjustmnt is ncssay bcaus o th wid thaputic indx o aciclovi.

Aciclovi Tablts a indicatd o th suppssion (pvntion o cuncs) o cunt hps simplx inctions in immunocomptnt patints.

Th data cuntly availabl om clinical studis is not suicint to conclud that tatmnt with aciclovi ducs th incidnc o chicknpox-associatd complications in immunocomptnt patints.

Oal aciclovi should b usd in padiatic population mainly o th tatmnt o non-sv skin and mucosa HSV inctions. o th tatmnt o nonatal HSV and sv HSV inctions in immunocompomisd childn IV aciclovi should b usd.

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a 44-year-old man was given valaciclovir 1 g tds for 5 days and developed a fever, disorientation, confusion, ataxia, dysarthria, and photophobia.

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