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The Value of Backing-Up Your Website

The digital world is full of risks to your website, deliberate or otherwise. Site back up is a small investment for a lot of peace of mind! Click on the article to find out more…

Whenever you’re working on a computer, writing any type of document or creating a funky piece of digital artwork, there’s always that voice at the back of your mind reminding to save, save, save again…

There is simply no worse feeling than losing something which you’ve spent days, weeks, months, sometimes even years developing and refining.

Just like any other insurance, site backup protects the time you’ve spent building your website – and the money you’ve invested in a bid to stand out from the competition.

The reasons why your website might crash can include:

  • Hacking: Over 50% of online hacking targets small to medium sized business
  • An out-dated Content Management System (CMS), which leads to virus infection
  • Web host malfunction
  • Hard drive failure
  • Human error

Many people believe that their web host offers suitable protection and can provide back-ups should disaster strike. This is a misconception, however, as many web hosts keep copies of your data only for their own files – they aren’t provided to clients.

The speed at which your website is reinstated is also a key consideration. Once you’re missing in action, not only do you potentially miss out on business, but the big search engines (i.e. Google) effectively penalise your absence, resulting in a dramatic drop in your SEO Ranking.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of cure is worth a pound of cure.”

The same is true for your website!

Site back up, in combination with updates to your Content Management System (CMS), are simple, effective ways to ensure that your business is never seriously compromised.

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