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Why do I have to update my Content Management System (CMS)?

Find out why keeping your CMS up to date is vital to the success of your website – and business!

A properly configured CMS should allow you to easily manage your website to ensure that it’s functioning at maximum capacity, while withstanding the threats that risk running your website into the ground.

Should your website become compromised, not only is it at risk of having its data deleted and structure rearranged – it is also susceptible to being vandalised by malicious content, such as pop-ups. If your webserver is hijacked, spam can be sent to your contact list, resulting in your website being black listed…

Can you imagine the frustration of losing all that data and those countless hours you spent working on finetuning your website!?

As these threats continue to evolve, so too must the defence mechanisms of your content management system. For this reason, your CMS requires software updates, which recognise and resist the latest threats or security loopholes to your website.

However CMS updates offer your website a lot more than just protection…

Regular updates enable your website to operate at maximum speed and efficiency in sync with the latest online technology. This will prevent your website’s code from becoming outdated and reduce the risk of having to rebuild your entire website down the track. As well as protecting your investment, this ultimately means greater ease for you in managing your website and a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for end users.

It is highly recommended to engage a professional who understanding website coding to help you update your CMS, since incompatibles could cause the site to break (they’re darn sensitive!!) And it almost goes without saying that you should always back up your website and all your data before conducting any site updates or maintenance.

This is where Design on Demand can help you stay on top of business and ensure the wheels of your website keep running smoothly.


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