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AnimalCaptcha Resurrected

We have updated and improved a version of an open source captcha library with a cute and novel twist and released the changes for everyone to enjoy.

For one of our client’s websites we where asked to provide a captcha solution that was a bit more interesting than the standard type-in-the-distorted-words-covered-in-squiggles that is common on most sites. We decided to go with one where you selected a specific animal among a number of animal images. We managed to track down a php library that provided us with exactly that. That library is called AnimalCaptcha and is hosted on Google Code and was created by Maciej Trębacz. However, we found that it had not been updated since 2010 and was in need of some expanding to be fully useful for our purposes.

So we spent some time developing the library until we where happy with using it on our client’s website. We also changed the included animal images to some more cartoony ones made by an artist named Martin Bérubé.

Now we have finally had some time to give back to the open source community that allowed us to provide our client with this functionality by uploading the library, along with our changes, to our git hub page.

So please get on to the git hub page and check out the code, try it out, expand it and/or give us feedback on how to make it better.

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